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How to submit your mandala

Due to limited storage capacity and the growing number of gallery members, we must limit submissions to one per person.
Please do not submit more than one (1) artwork. Thank you!

Please be sure your file is saved as follows, as the image may not mount properly or your artwork will appear distorted.

  1. Important: The image FILE you submit MUST BE SQUARE. This does not mean that your mandala must be square, only that the file be square.
  2. Save the file as a jpeg, 360x360 pixels, 72dpi.
    or it will appear distorted on the website. If your mandala artwork is not square, please add space on the sides to make it so. Please contact us if you have any questions before you submit - we are happy to help!

  3. Naming your image file: Name your mandala image file using your own name. Example: YourName.jpg.

  4. Select your mandala: Use the "browse" button on the form to select your mandala jpeg on your computer.

    After approval (within one week), your mandala will be mounted to the site.

At this time we are only able to accept digital submissions.

Your artwork and personal information is your property. The Mandala Project will not give or sell its lists to anyone, nor will your artwork be used by The Mandala Project in any way other than in the gallery without your express permission.

Please feel free to email us or call for more information.
email us or PHONE: (360) 299-9019

Tell your story!

Your story is important...

The idea behind the mandala gallery is for people to make connections with others - to help unify people through art.

While Including your contact information (email) is not mandatory, telling your story is necessary for submission. Your story might tell why and how you created your mandala, what your personal philosophy is, etc. Viewers enjoy learning about you and what inspires you.

If you include your email address and website information on the submission form, they will appear on your individual gallery page. Your personal mail address will not be displayed.


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Your mandala will be mounted in 1-3 days (unless the webmaster is out of town)